Automatic inspection systems for print process control, quality assurance & press control Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) is the leading developer and manufacturer of automatic inspection systems for web applications in the packaging, labels, folding cartons and commercial printing sectors. Together, AVT systems and those of its subsidiary Graphic Microsystems, Inc. (GMI) have almost 6000 installations worldwide. Packaging A series of automated solutions for the Packaging sector, based on the PrintVision/Jupiter process control platform, which automatically detects defects in various types of printing processes. The range of options include barcode verification, color measurement, and press control. Labels PrintVision/Helios II is an automatic 100% inspection system for quality assurance and process control workflow, providing a range of solutions and options including inspecting reflective material, clear substrates and barcode verification. Commercial MicroColor/Mercury is AVT’s solution for remote ink control for Offset presses. ColorQuick/Clarios is the most advanced on-line color measurement and control system in the world, employing a full spectrophotometer to perform accurate absolute color measurement, ensuring consistent and reliable print over long and short runs. Folding Cartons PrintVision/Orion is an offline system that enables inspection of single pack cartons and rejection of defective cartons, in order to ensure print integrity before the carton begins the expensive folding process.