Foster Keencut

Involved in graphics finishing and looking to improve your shop’s efficiency, safety and profitability? With 65 years in the business, we can help.
Products engineered to perform. In a global manufacturing environment where fast, low-cost production methods are the norm, product quality can suffer. Not at Foster Keencut. Craftsmanship, quality and engineering detail are our hallmarks. We don’t skimp. We don’t rush product development. As a result, you’re guaranteed:
Unprecedented Warranties – Our products include various promises of craftsmanship, including 20-year linear bearing warranties and 5-year general parts warranties, among others.
Accuracy guarantees – our precision cutter bars are the only in the industry with guaranteed accuracy ratings.
Clamping power – our rotary trimmers come with a variety of roller mechanism clamping abilities aimed at meeting your production levels and eliminating flexible material shifting.
Our products speak for themselves. But as a distributor, we speak for our global network of dealers. Foster Keencut dealers know our products, but more importantly, they know you, our customers, and can meet your individual needs.