In 1985 PAD was founded by Daniel Poissant as the sole proprietor. The company initially specialized in automation for the converting industry.

During 1993 PAD introduced the industry?s first multi-channel viscosity control with a graphical interface.In 1997 PAD moved to a new modern 10,000 sq.ft building in Boucherville, Quebec, a suburb 15 minutes south of Montreal.

The Industry's first long- life Centrifuge Ink pump was introduced to the printing industry in 2000 by PAD Inkspec.The innovative compact low maintenance Magnetic ink filter was first introduced in 2003.

InkSpec launched in 2004 of the world's FIRST In-line viscosity control system requiring no regular maintenance and with no moving parts that can break or clog.

In 2006 Inkspec received the PLGA Technical Achievement Award for Best technology, in 2007 the FTA's Flexographic Technical Innovation Award, and in 2008 the GAA Technical Innovation Post-press award.During the period since 2006 Inkspec has worked hand-in hand with many major printing press manufacturers to integrate the Inkspec equipment as OEM installed with great success.

The success of the In-line Viscosity Control system made it necessary to nearly double its work space and moved to a new facility in St-Bruno (another suburb of Montreal) at the end of 2008.