A leader in the printing industry
Praxair Surface Technologies is a leader in wear-resistant coatings, laser engraving, and roll measurement for printing machinery manufacturers and printers and coaters. Through unequalled research and development efforts, we offer cost- and time-saving advances in engraved printing rolls. These products provide longer service life, reduced downtime, greater productivity, and better print quality for printers worldwide.

Praxair solutions are widely used throughout the printing industry:

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» Offset
» Flexography

» Flexographic printing — We’re the global source of anilox rolls for worldwide press original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), printers, and consumer products companies. Market segments we serve include flexible packaging, tag and label, envelopes, preprint, folding carton, liquid packaging, newspapers, corrugated packaging, tissue and towel, and laminators.

» Offset printing — Our coater rolls offer high-quality, uniform performance for in-line coating operations on offset presses. Since 2004, Anilox Reverse Technology (ART™) and Thin Ink Film (TIF™) engravings have been accepted as the best solution for offset varnishing.

» Engravings — The superior performance of our anilox results from the integrity of the underlying roll, exclusive coatings that set the standard in bond strength and density, and high-precision engravings. Our meticulous standards for cell volume, screen count, and cell shape deliver the outstanding ink release that separates Praxair’s anilox rolls from the competition.

We also supply press and roll accessories and extensive technical support services through our focused printing teams and our technology department.

A history of innovation in the printing industry
Since Praxair provided ceramic for mechanically engineered rolls beginning in 1969 and since our initial joint venture in England in 1979, major milestones include our development of:
» The first laser-engraved ceramic roll produced in England in 1981

» The first laser-engraved roll installed in the United States in 1982

» Rainbow™ surface treatment with a patented release to resist ink adhesion in 1988

» 60-degree engravings for smoother, better-defined cells in 1988

» First successful test with anilox rolls in offset applications

» Double-hit and multi-hit engraving techniques for more consistent volume in 1994

» YAG laser-engraving technology in 1996 for high-volume, high-resolution screen counts

» Breakthrough first-generation anilox sleeve in 1996

» Open-cell technology in 1999 including Anilox Reverse Technology (ART™), Revolutionary Engraving (REV™), and Thin Ink Film (TIF™) engravings

» Roll ID in 2002

» Proline® premium engraving solutions for high-density applications in 2003

» Open structure ART™ and TIF™ engravings accepted as preferred solutions for offset coaters

» Second-generation sleeve technology in 2005

» Printed electronic development in 2005

» Novaline™ engravings introduced in 2010

Partner with us
We have the knowledge, experience, innovation, and long-standing commitment to move your business forward. Contact us to discuss how we can meet your printing needs.