VETAPHONE’s Corona-Plus system provides a perfect surface adhesion for printing, lacquering, laminating and coating on plastic, paper, aluminium and metallized film.

The Open Design treater stations are efficient and reliable through an innovative design. VETAPHONE focuses on functionality, easy operation and easy maintenance, which have all been improved by the extended monitor system. The designers are especially proud of the Quick Change electrode system, which enables quick set-up and easy maintenance of the electrodes off-line.

VETAPHONE delivers high performance, computerised corona generators with standard power output from 1kW to 200kW with DPC and PWM techniques. Furthermore our Corona-Plus range consists of Profi-bus or CAN-bus interface for remote control with diagnostics and IP55 approved generators.

Why not share in VETAPHONE’s worldwide experience? Contact our customer service department, or our local agent. We are always ready to assist you in obtaining better surface adhesion, which will improve the quality of your products.


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